Lost Judgement- Chairman Name Of The Seiryo High School

Lost JudgementLost Judgement is a story-rich action-adventure game whose graphics quality is in mint condition. As we are involved in detective work, one’s observant skill and memory should be active in all situations. There are few questions that will be asked by the important people whose answered might get tricky if we are not paying attention to small talks or at cutscene. In this guide, we have mentioned the name of the Seiryo High School Chairman whom you have met at the fancy restaurant during the briefing.

Chairman Name Of The Seiryo High School In Lost Judgement

Once you have obtained the case of bullying in school from the chairman, the very first thing required is a disguise. After disguising as an AC repairman, your task will be to install the cameras to capture bullies in act. During your work, you will be interrupted by the homeroom teacher “Yoko Sawa”, who will be suspicious about your visit. She will start questioning who hired and all.

Eventually, when you answer her that the chairman has hired them. She will question you about the chairman name and the choices given would be three of these:

  • Ando-san, obviously
  • Ishizuka-san, of course!
  • Okuda-san — How could I forget?

Among these, the answer would be the third option “Okuda-san” aka Yuzo Okuda. Even if you select other options, the MC will handle the situation by saying that he got mixed with other school’s chairman. Without spoiling, the school’s story will not end up as other cases will be intertwined with Seiryo High School.

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