Aragami 2 Mission 1-6 All Collectibles & Blueprints Location Guide

aragami 2Aragami 2 is a stealth third-person game developed by Lince Works. There are various collectibles, blueprints, and dyes you need to find during the various missions and collect them to unlock items. Below you will find all the collectible and blueprints you will find during missions 1 to 6.

Aragami 2 1-6 All Collectibles & Blueprints Location

Mission 1 The Elder Scroll

Aragami 2 Collectible

Reach the harbor or dock in this stage where you will find two houses, go near the edge of the platform of the second house and jump on the rock in front of you to find the first collectible.

Aragami 2 Collectible

As you keep going uphill, you will find the enemy’s red-colored tent. There will be 4-5 tents with a campfire in the middle. On the left side, you will find a shrine under the wooden bridge. Behind the shrine, you will find the second collectible.

Aragami 2 Collectible

Climb up the elevator platform and just before reaching the top, you will find the third collectible as shown in the above image.

Mission 2 Securing Supplies

There are no collectibles to acquire from this mission as we know of.

Mission 3 Sending A Message

Aragami 2 Collectible

In this mission, there is only one collectible for you to find. The collectible will be on the left side room of the target that you need to eliminate.

Mission 4 Approaching The Enemy

Aragami 2 Collectible

At the starting of the mission go from the left side by climbing the rocks and the first room that you come across contains a collectible that you need to collect.

The second collectible is a blueprint of the Orochi Sword. Check out our previous post on where to find the blueprint.

After finding the Orochi sword keep going straight and you will find a big house. Behind the house will be the river flowing. Hang on the ledge of the house at the backside to find the third collectible.

Mission 5 Help The Militia I

The first collectible in this mission can be found near the target that you need to eliminate. Just beside the target, there will be a small house that has no entrance on the front side, and on the backside will be a river flowing. You need to enter from the backside window to get the collectible.

The second collectible can be found at the top of the highest building you will find in this stage.

While standing on the top, look for the Sakura tree as shown in the above image to find the location of the third collectible. Go to the location as marked in the above image and on the right side you will find a pond with another Sakura tree in the middle.

Mission 6 Wails In The Night

This mission only has one collectible beside the target that you need to rescue. Climb the wall that will be on the right side of the target and look below to find the collectible.

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