Aragami 2 All Shadow Ability & Passive Ability List How To Reset Ability

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Aragami 2 is a stealth third-person game developed by Lince Works. Shadow power is the active ability that you need to press a button to use and has a cooldown period. The passive ability gives your bonus stats that doesn’t require any stamina.

As you keep on gaining level you will unlock obtain ability points. By spending the ability points in the Dojo you will be able to acquire these abilities. Each ability in this game has its upgrade and you need to buy the ability twice to unlock its full potential.

Aragami 2 All Passive Ability

The list of passive abilities that you need to unlock are:

Chameleon – Leaning on the wall will make you invisible until you move. (Upgrade – Stay still while grabbing a ledge to become invisible).

Divination – Using shadow vision will help you see the enemy’s recently traveled path. (Upgrade – You can see enemy predicted path).

Defensive Stance – Blocking enemies’ attacks restores stamina at a reduced rate. (Upgrade – Blocking restores stamina at a normal rate).

Mirage – Stay still for a short duration to gain a boost to your Stealth. (Upgrade – Increase bonus to stealth).

Enhanced Senses – Using shadow vision and aiming at an enemy marks them temporarily (Upgrade – Shadow vision shows hidden items in the area).

Jumper – Reduce stamina of all actions (Upgrade Stamina cost reduce even more).

Vampirism – Performing a combat execution will restore some health. (Upgrade – Amount of health restore increases).

Ranged Parry – Projectiles parried are reflected to the original attacker (Upgrade – Parried Projectiles increase their damage when reflected).

Momentum – Can perform assassination twice on two nearby enemies. (Upgrade – Will trigger when performing a knockout).

Hematophagy – Performing an assassination restores a small amount of health (Upgrade – Amount restored is increased).

Dream Devourer – Performing a knockout restore a small amount of health (Upgrade – Amount restored is increased).

Shadow Viel – Improve stealth bonus in dark areas (Upgrade – Keep stealth bonus for a few seconds after leaving a dark area).

Tool Infusion – Increase the effect duration of all support items (Upgrade – Further increase the duration).

Pure Soul – Support Item with healing effects are more effective (Upgrade – Increase the healing effects).

Ghostly Dash – Performing dash or shadow leap outside combat makes you invisible for a short duration of time (Upgrade – Increase the duration of Ghostly Dash).

Aragami 2 All Shadow Powers

The list of shadow abilities are:

Whisper – Attracts nearby enemies to your location. (Upgrade – Now you can use target lock and can attract only one enemy to your location).

Bloodsmoke – After assassinating an enemy the area will be covered in fog making you invisible for a short duration of time. You need to press the active ability button behind an enemy to perform the special assassination. (Upgrade – Hide in the fog to regenerate your vitality).

Dark Flame – Infuse Essence Crystals (Lamp Posts) to summon a concealing fog around it that stuns nearby enemies. (Upgrade – The Essence Crystal explodes and knocks out nearby enemies).

Mesmerize – Unaware enemies are stunned for a short period of time or until they receive damage. (Upgrade – Affects enemies that are the nearby main target).

Wraith – Become invisible for a short duration of time (Upgrade – When the ability is active you don’t make any noise while moving).

Shadow Kill – Summon a shadow beast to make the target disappear and stun nearby enemies (Upgrade – You can shadow kill from a distance).

Shadow Pull – Pull an unaware enemy towards your location and trigger a knockout (Upgrade – Can be used to pull dead body or unconscious enemy).

Silhouette – Create a decoy that attracts enemies to its location (Upgrade – The decoy explodes when there are enemies nearby making them blind).

Warp Strike – Throws your weapon against your target, teleporting to its position, and perform an assassination (Upgrade – Turn invisible for a few seconds after teleporting).

Aragami 2 How To Reset Skills

To reset the skills you need to visit the Dojo and talk with Iwao. On your ability page at the bottom right corner of the screen, you can see the option to reset ability using coins. The more abilities you have to reset to more coins you need to spend.

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