Kena Bridge Of Spirits Clear The Corruption In The Ancient Well

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. Three relics are required to free the spirit of Adira who has turned into the Corrupt Woodsmith. To get the first relic of Ox you need to clear three corruption and the path to the ancient well can be a bit difficult. Below you will find out how to reach the ancient well and open the sacred site.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits How To Open Sacred Site

The ancient well will be on the left side of the tower and forge. But to reach the well you need to go from the right side where you will reach the sacred site. To open the sacred site you need to hit the core of three pillars.

To expose the core of the pillar you need to first hit them with the bomb and then with an arrow. There will be a total of three pillars that you need to activate, the first two-pillar will be near the sacred site while the third pillar will be a bit tricky to find. Check out the image below to find the third pillar.

Kena Bridge Of Spirit How To Reach Ancient Well

Once you have opened the sacred site, go down the stairs and you have to fight corrupted enemies and clear the corruption. After clearing the corruption, the path will be unlocked and you need to go towards the left side.

There on the left side you will find a door that will be locked. On the right side you will find another corruption and on the ceiling there will be glowing orb that will turn into flower when you hit them with arrow.

Then use your Rot on the flower, and the corrupted enemies will spawn on the right side. You need to defeat the enemies to expose the corruption and destroy it to open the door on the right. Then keep progressing forward and you will reach the ancient well where the main corrupted flower will be present that you need to clear to free the Ox.

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