Aragami 2 How To Get All Legacy Set Armor Equipment & Orochi Sword

aragami 2

Aragami 2 is a stealth third-person game developed by Lince Works. While most of the armor sets can blueprint can be obtained by just completing the mission you need to find the blueprints for the legacy set and the Orochi sword.  Below you will find the location on where to find the set and the sword.

Aragami 2 How To Get Secret Legacy Set

To obtain the secret legacy set you need to first find all the blueprints. The mission in which the blueprints will be available are:

  • Mission 4 – Orochi Sword
  • Mission 12 – Legacy Trouser
  • Mission 20 – Legacy Attire
  • Mission 40 – Legacy Hood
Orochi Sword

Once you start mission 4, go from the left side wall and you will find one collectible inside the room. Come outside the room and reach the house roof on your left to overhear the conversation of the enemy. From there look to your left side and you will find can see the blueprint from there. Go straight and then left keeping yourself close to the wooden barricade. There you will find a broken building and on the other side of the wooden barricade, you will find the blueprint.

Legacy Trouser

The legacy trouse can be found in the Isolated village that can be accessed when you reach mission 12. As the mission starts keep going forward till you reach a wooden bridge. On the left side, you will find a waterfall. At the bottom part of the waterfall, you will find the legacy trouser blueprint.

Legacy Attire

The legacy attire can be found in the Daikizo mine that can be accessed starting from mission 20. Once you enter the mine, you need to reach the middle area where on the left side you will a lot of workers mining crystal. There on the ceiling, you will find a ledge that you can climb. You need to climb that ledge get the legacy attire.

Legacy Hood

The legacy hood can be found in mission 40 inside the big building where you need to keep going upwards to complete the mission.

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