Aragami 2 All Armor Sets Equipment list & How Many Missions Are There

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Aragami 2 is a stealth third-person game developed by Lince Works. In this game, you play as an assassin who has the power to control the shadows. There are various kinds of armors, weapons, blueprints, and much more to collect by completing missions or by finding hidden collectibles.

There is a total of 11 armor sets in this game that you can obtain by completing various missions. You don’t have to find any collectible to unlock armor sets except the legacy set. The legacy set is the armor set from Aragami 1 who blueprint you need to find in different missions to make the set.

Aragami 2 All Armor Set List

The list of armor sets are:

  • Shadow Set
  • Masked Shadow Set
  • Tetsu Set
  • Kitsune Set
  • Oni Set
  • Ronin Set
  • Kasai Set
  • Tengu Set
  • Kurotsuba Set
  • Legacy Set
  • Shinigami Set

Each set consists of 4 parts, the body, face, legs, and weapons. Once you have unlocked a part of the set, you need to come back to the village and talk to Sakura the blacksmith to buy the item that you have unlocked. You can check in which mission you will receive a part of the set from the notice board.

Below is the list of missions where you will get some Oni and Kitsune equipment:

Mission 5 – Help The Militia I – Kitsune Attire

Mission 6 – Wails In The Night – Oni Chest Piece

Mission 8 – Sumire’s Old Master – Oni Greeves

Mission 11 – Akatsuchi Strategic Information – Oni Blade

Aragami 2 How Many Mission Are There

There is a total of 51 missions available in this game with 45 achievements or trophies to be collected. If you want to complete the game just by finishing all the missions it might take you around 15-20 hours.

If you want to complete the game 100% by collecting all the collectibles available in this game and unlocking all achievements it might take you around 35-40 hours.

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