Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator- How To Craft Potion Of Frost

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

In Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator we have to explore the Alchemy Map which will be placed in your workshop. Creating new Potions that have various effects requires multiple experiments to understand the way and explore the Alchemy Map. Grinding Ingredients or without Grinding, it depends on the Path traveled to satisfy the requirement of the Potion creation. This guide is specially posted to learn all the ingredients and the method required to create the Potion Of Frost.

How To Create Potion Of Frost In Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator

There are single or two main ingredients to create A Weak Frost Potion i.e. Lifeleaf and Waterbloom. First, you need to grind all the 2 Waterbloom before placing them into the Cauldron. You have now created a Tier 1 Frost Potion. However, add a Lifeleaf as well to create a higher Tier Potion to sell for profit.

Practice Stirring the Cauldron after any Ingredients are placed inside which makes it easier to explore and reveal the undiscovered parts of the Alchemy Map. After performing the method, you will find the Potions marked in the Alchemy Map are left behind and you have traveled ahead. Pour water slowly into the cauldron to retrace back a few steps and as your Potion touches the diagram of the Potion in the Alchemy Map blow air to Heat and Finish Potion.

The quest for The Alchemist’s Path: Chapter 1 to Create a Frost Potion, as well as the demand of the customers, will be satisfied. It is recommended to increase the visibility radius of the map as we are currently searching and experimenting with the Ingredients to find out how to create different types of Potions. For more guide on Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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