Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator- How To Craft A Fire Potion

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator is a game which is developed by niceplay games and published by tinyBuild. This alchemist simulator game lets us interact with the tools and ingredients to brew potions that have several effects. At the tutorial phase, we have already learned how to craft a basic Weak Healing Potion and Weak Poison Potion. Later you will have to handle your alchemist shop and brew such as Fire Potion for which this guide is completely dedicated in order to successfully create it.

How To Create A Fire Potion In Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator

We have learned that grinding ingredients saves up the number of ingredients or quantities used to create a Potion. According to the Alchemy Map, all the Potions are registered but they are currently not visible as we have not yet researched or experimented with the part of the map.

If we start experimenting, there would be ingredients that will go to waste. What alchemists are not afraid of experimenting, the ones who have a limited number of ingredients. To craft a Weak Fire Potion, all you need to do is grind 3 Firebell, Stir it and Blow the pump to heat it.

The quest for The Alchemist’s Path: Chapter 1 to Create a Fire Potion, as well as the demand of the customers, will be satisfied. For more guide on Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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