Kena Bridge Of Spirits Toshi Love Pillar Puzzle Solution Correct Order

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. The third spirit that you need help and free is Toshi whom you will meet in the mountains. During this time you will learn how to travel to the spirit world by using the dash. You need to find three relics of Toshi to help his spirit free.

One of the relics will be in the village area called “Toshi Love”. At end of this quest, you will face Warrior and after defeating him you will get the “Village Crest” relic. But reaching the warrior can be a bit tough as you will face a challenge to light up a pillar in the correct order.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Light Up Pillar In Order

As you keep progressing this quest, eventually you will come across an area as shown in the above image where you will find four pillars. You need to light up these pillars in the correct order to open the door to the spirit world.

You might also face a bug as we did here, after defeating all the enemies the corrupt flower didn’t open and we couldn’t destroy it. If the same is happening to you, restart the game from the last checkpoint. After defeating all the enemies, you need to destroy the corruption and then you can light up those pillars.

The correct order to light the pillar is 1,3,4,2 from the left side to the right side. To find out the solution to this puzzle you need to stand on the button that will reveal the number of stars on top of the pillar. You need to hit the pillar with one star on top first and so on. There will also be a stone using which you can climb up the location as shown in the above image. Once the pillar is lighted up in the correct order the door to the spirit world will open.

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