Kena Bridge Of Spirits Defeat Corrupt Rot God & Reach Far Platform

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. Corrupt Rot God is the final main boss of the game and you need to hit him in certain areas to deal damage. Apart from fighting the main boss, you need to complete a platform challenge in the middle of the battle. The platform floats only for a small amount of time and you need to quickly pass through it. One such platform will be far away that will be a bit difficult to reach. Below you will find how to defeatĀ  Corrupt Rot God easily and reach the platform that is far away.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits How To Defeat Corrupt Rot God

To defeat the corrupt Rot God, you need to aim for the reddish pores that are present in its arm, legs, and body. Dealing damage to any other part of the body won’t reduce its health. After dealing 30% damage, you will teleport to the spirit world where you have to defeat some enemies and then use your bomb to free Rots from the bubble.

After dealing 60% damage you will be again teleported to the spirit world but his time you need to jump through the platforms to reach the end and free all the remaining Rots. But one of the platforms might give you some trouble, in the video below you will find how to reach the far-away platform.

The flower will be closed and you need to double jump forward for it to open. Then you can slow down time to get get some extra seconds to hit the arrow on the flower and reach the end of platforms. There you will find a big bubble inside which all the Rots will be present. You need to hit it with an arrow to burst the bubble and free up Rots.

In the end, to damage Corrupt Rot God, you have to use your Rots to pull out the spears from its back. Keep dodging his attacks and at one point in time, the spears will glow. Then you can use your Rots to pull out the spear. You need to pull out 3 spears to defeat the Corrupt God and free the Toshi spirit.

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