Kena Bridge Of Spirits Clear The Corruption Of Rufus Barn

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. You need to clear all three corruption to free the Ox to get the first relic to help Adira. In this post, I will show you the walkthrough on how to reach the Rufus Barn to clear the first corruption.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Clear Rufus Barn Corruption

To reach the Rufus Barn you need to cross the broken bridge by using the platform to cross the river. Once you clear the corrupted river, you will come across a broken house, where you need to defeat corrupted enemies. After defeating them you need to climb up the house to reach the other side to clear the corruption.

There you will find 2 barrels stacked together which be impossible to climb. Just before reaching the house, you will have one more barrel on the ground. You need to bring the 2 stacked barrels and the single barrel near each other and use the single barrel to climb the 2 stacked barrels. Then use the rot to move the 2 stacked barrels near the house. Then climb up the house to reach the other side where you need to defeat some enemies. After that, the mini boss of the area will appear called “Vine Knight”.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits How To Defeat Vine Knight

Vine knight will be equipped with a shield that you won’t be able to break. You can hit him with your staff directly. You need to distract him using rots and then hit him with your staff. You can also hit him with your arrows but after getting hit 2-3 times, he will start blocking it.

The best way to defeat vine knight is by distracting him with rots and then aim at the yellow crystals on his body to deal maximum damage.

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