Deltarune- Snow Ring Interaction With Ralsei, Noelle, And Susie


In Deltarune there are various interactive dialogues hidden which can only surface after satisfying certain conditions. Tobyfox, the game developer, and their staff have done a tremendous job by introducing easter eggs or special interactive dialogues that follow the storyline. Even a small item can make a huge difference such as in this case, Noelle’s default weapon “Snow Ring”. In this guide we have mentioned all the interactive dialogues and how you can retrieve them.

Snow Ring Interaction With Ralsei, Noelle, And Susie In Deltarune

We all quite know that there is nice chemistry between Kris, the main protagonist, and Ralsei, the cute little pacifier, and team healer. The relationship between them is building up and Sir Tobyfox threw a huge emotional rollercoaster toward us.

In Chapter 2 where Noelle is involved in the Dark World, there will be a part where she will be part of your party. At that instance, you can check and swap Noelle’s default weapon i.e. Snow Ring. Once you have obtained it, you can try to open the Equip Menu.

Under that, try equipping Snow Ring to Ralsei even if she prefers the Staff. Ralsei will reply to your gesture, “Are you… proposing?”. After hugging Dummy, and getting caught was dramatic and embarrassing enough, now the gesture of proposal leaves icing on top.

Similarly, equipping Snow Ring to Susie will let her remark “Smells like Noelle”, as she recognizes her smell.

Finally, if you return Snow Ring to Noelle will let her remark “Thank goodness”, as she is relieved to obtain her ring after using the powerful Freeze Ring or cursed Thorn Ring to which she was more comfortable before.

There are various other interactive dialogues that we will cover up in future posts. The story is so cute but as we know devs love to twist plots and it is coming sooner or later in future Chapters which we hope doesn’t get dark too soon. For more guides on Deltarune, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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