Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo Location


In Deltarune there is another hidden Boss lurking in the territory of the Queen in Chapter 2. The chapter is all about Noelle and annoying Berdly who got sucked into the Dark World when they were at Library. The heroes have jumped down to save these two classmates from the grasp of the Queen, however, there is another glitched mini-boss Spamton Neo with whom you can encounter. The secret Boss can be missed if you are focusing on the main storyline. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do in order to encounter the Secret Boss, “Spamton Neo”.

Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo Location At Deltarune

During the main story, you will meet and battle against Spamton when The Queen, Noelle were waiting in the car as they depend on you to clear the traffic. Spamton will jump out of the dumpster and fight against you. After that, you will have to continue forward until you reach the Queen’s Entrance Hall or Mansion where the teleportation door will be present.


Teleport your back to the Trash Zone and go left till you reach the dead end. As shown in the image above, there is a hole that will lead you to a new vendor i.e. Spamton G. Purchase Keygen at the lowest random price and teleport your back to Mansion again.


Move all the way to the 1st Floor where you have solved the heavy traffic puzzle which requires you to stop the traffic for 3 seconds and move all the way up. As shown in the marked image, you will need to reach the Statue Room to interact with this light stand to open a secret door.

Use the Keygen to unlock the path and enter the Basement where the Empty Disk will be found in the rusty robot. Talk to Spamton G and Give Disk to him, he will load every data of himself into the disk. Insert the disk back from where you have obtained which will trigger the hidden boss fight after a few moments on your way back. Defeat him to earn the reward.

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