Deltarune- Berdly Chapter 2 Guide


In Deltarune, Berdley was introduced at the beginning of the game when you have arrived at the classroom and during the search for your project partner. Spoiler Alert: The partner of Noelle is the annoying Berdley whom even The Queen can’t tolerate. Berdley who seems to call himself Lord Berdley and compulsively follows The Queen, who wants to capture Noelle. This guide is full of spoilers as we explain all the angles or the story about the so-called Lord Berdley in Chapter 2.

Berdly Chapter 2 Guide In Deltarune

The self-proclaimed genius who claims to rule the world along with the Queen is a bigger nuisance to everyone including the Queen. The Triple Truce made by Berdley, Queen, and Noelle shows how much of a threat and annoying Berdley is to everyone. He will interrupt a nice moment or create havoc. However, he is still a good guy which you will find about it later.

Berdley develops a romantic feeling against Susie when he learns about her and her hobby. He will trick her to kiss him which was the masterpiece. The interruption made by Berdley was what made him special. However, he will be thrown into prison along with you later. At a critical moment, he will save you and your party and help us to defeat the Queen at her final form.

So far, all the characters have unique personalities that make the Deltarune more interesting and lovable. For more guides on Deltarune, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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