Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest All Shrines Complete Walkthrough

Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is an action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. To save Taro you need to find all the memories scattered around the map. One of the memories lies in the Forgotten forest where you need to go to meet Rusu. Below you will find a complete walkthrough on how to enter the forgotten forest, how to destroy the corruption of all four shrines, how to defeat sprout captain?

Kena Bridge Of Sprits How To Enter Forgotten Forest To Meet Rusu

Once you reach the entrance of the forgotten forest, you need to light up the crystal to open the door. There will be two crystals on top of the door, and one of them on the left top side on the trunk of the tree. You need to first hit the crystal that is on the left side, which will light up the left side crystal of the door. Then you need to hit the left side crystal with the arrow which will light up the right side crystal. Finally hit the right side crystal to open the door.

Kena Bridge Of Spirit Restore All Shrines

Restore Wood Shrine

To restore the wood shrine, you need to clear out all the enemies. Once they are cleared, the corruption on the flower will be exposed.

Restore Water Shrine

To restore the water shrine, you need to use rots to pick two reflecting stones and place them on the marked area in front of the flower corruption, then head to the middle marked area and use light pulse to light up both the crystal and restore the shrine.

Restore Fishing Shrine

This shrine can be a bit tricky to figure out. Once you stand facing the corruption flower you will find four pillars on the Northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest side. Then you need to look at the candle place in front of the flower.

Based on the candle you need to hit the pillars in that particular order. Northeast pillar will be the first, southwest pillar second, northwest is third, and finally the southeast pillar. Hit the crystal part of the pillar with your bow to light them up.

Restore God Tree Shrine

To reach the God Tree shrine, you need to use the bow on the flower that pulls you towards it. Then keep going on the platform and you need to double jump to reach the upper platform. Turn back and look up to find another platform on top of you. Keep following that path to reach the God Tree shrine.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits How To Defeat Sprout Captain

If you are playing any difficulty except the story mode, defeating the sprout captain can be a bit tough. The recommend ability that you can unlock before fighting will be the slowing time while using bow, and infuse rot power to your arrow. Using this technique you can deal heavy damage and make sure your rot level will be 2 so that you can use two power shot consecutively.

After that you just need to dodge and let the rots regain courage to again charge and attack the power shot. The sprout captain will be quite agile so make sure to slow time else the power shot can be wasted. Do not try to fully block his attacks, because his consecutive attack will break your shield and deal damage if you haven’t upgraded the shield ability.

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