Deltarune- Tasque Manager Cameos


In Deltarune, Tasque Manager is an enemy that you will encounter in Chapter 2 where the portraits would be arranged. She will ask you a question whether you answer her correctly or wrong (in my case I was wrong) and the battle began. As we are running Pacifist, she was spared, and later you will find her at many events which we have mentioned in this guide.

Tasque Manager In Deltarune

The ringleader who whips us for being naughty, the Tasque Manager can be defeated in order to see her cameo at various locations. One of these locations would be the Kitchen where for the first time you must have unlocked the shortcut to the Queen’s Hall Entrance. After entering the Kitchen, there would be three Swatchlings scared of the mouse or maus. These mice are different from others because they are grouped together and formed a Mauswheel. Defeat or Trap them to unlock the passage.

The next cameo of Tasque Manager would be when you have completed Chapter 2 and return to the “Castle Town”. Enter the Dojo where a Challenge will be registered in the name of Tasque Manager. The task is pretty straightforward and simple which will earn you easy bucks.

All the characters which you have recruited or the NPC’s after their defeat would be found in Castle Town. For more guides on Deltarune, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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