Deltarune- Light Puzzle Solution Outside Prison Cell


In Deltarune, once the Queen captures all 3 of us that includes, Noelle, Kris, and Susie except Ralsei. She will throw each of you at a chamber where items are placed according to your search history. With the help of Lancer, you all will escape the room and jump straight into the puzzle. In this guide, we have explained all the Light Puzzles which you will have to solve in order to advance forward.

Light Puzzle Solution Outside Prison Cell In Deltarune


The first puzzle which you have to solve is pretty easy. As shown in the image above there are 3 lights that need to be rotated and fitted inside the image. Rotate and fit the respected parts and move on to the next puzzle.


The second puzzle which seems easy is quite difficult. There are 4 parts that need to be fixed in such a way that it will completely fill up the diagram or Triangle. The solution is provided above where 3 complicated parts are fixed. Few of us had fixed the larger parts at each corner that made the puzzle more complicated. Instead, try to solve the parts adjacent to the other part as a jigsaw puzzle.


The third puzzle is simpler than the second one due to the hint provided by Susie. As shown in the image above, simply fit the parts on the edges and fill the last part in the middle to fill up the diagram.

Note: To distinguish the parts easily, the complete solution of the image is not posted.

For more guide on Deltarune, click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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