Deltarune- Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo Spare And Fight Result

DeltaruneIn Deltarune, the party of three Kris, Susie, and Ralsei used the Keygen to open up a path where you will get a secret item or say disc that can be loaded in order to insert it back again. After inserting the disk, Spamton G would become Spamton Neo i.e. a corrupted file that will be your secret boss. This guide explains all the various endings when you either Spare or Defeat the Spamton Neo.

Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo Spare And Fight Result In Deltarune

The corrupted file will take over the body and use it as a puppet. There are 2 choices whether to defeat the boss without dealing damage like Pacifist or else deplete the Boss health and defeat him fair and square with your swords and skills. There are two different types of ending and majorly, you will be rewarded 2 different types of items according to the choices you make.


Defeating the Spamton Neo without dealing damage might be a tough road as you will have to solely focus on defending your and teammates’ soul while the boss will keep on attacking. However after the tedious fight, and after the endless cutting of wire, Spamton Neo will be defeated. He will then reflect and give you 2 items, Dealmaker, and ShadowCrystal.


After encountering Spamton Neo, if you focus on attacking and depleting the health of the boss it will be over soon enough. However, the dialogue remains the same except for the Overloading and the explosion. He will then reward you with 2 items again i.e. PuppetScarf, and ShadowCrystal.

ShadowCrystal is a key item that you will require in the near future. We will keep on posting new guides for Deltarune, so if you don’t wanna miss exciting tips and tricks do keep checking it frequently. This Boss is missable.

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