Deathloop Enact The Plan Identify Aleksis By Finding Clues Guide


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. Aleksis is one of the visionaries that can be found during the evening time in area UPDAAM. While it is quite easy to kill Aleksis it will be difficult for you to identify Aleksis as all the NPC will be wearing the wolf mask.

Now there are two ways through which you can identify Aleksis, the first one is by finding out his favorite flavor beer and the other one is the music that he loves to dance to. Below you will find how to get clues and identify Aleksis.

Deathloop How To Find Aleksis

Deathloop Aleksis Favorite Beer

To first find Aleksis you need to head to the bakery in UPDAAM as shown in the above image. From there on the left side you will find big billboards and at the bottom of the billboard will be a small opening. Go inside the small opening and on the right side, you will find two NPC talking. Overhear their conversation to find which flavor beer is Aleksis’ favorite and then go through the left side opening.

From there traveling through the ledge you will find a broken wall on the right and a door to enter Aleksis’s party. Just as you open the door on the right side you will find another door to the basement. Go through the basement and you will find a lot of traps. Disable or destroy the traps and check for the Aleksis favorite flavor and interact with the crank wheel to stop the supply.

Then get out of the basement, hide and wait for Aleksis to come and turn the crank wheel on as he will be frustrated. As soon as the masked wolf comes out of the hall, Aleksis will be marked for you.

Note: If your Aether (Invisible) slab is not upgraded and doesn’t last long, you need to close all the doors while entering the basement and die from the mines. To die from the mines, you need to use Aether and pass through the laser mine. Do not try to shoot the laser or mines as it will alert all the NPC.

Deathloop Music Code

To find Aleksis by this method you need to find the code to his favorite music and make him dance in front of his guest to locate him. As mentioned above reach inside of Aleksis manor just before you enter the basement. On the left side, you will find the hall where the NPC will be partying, on the right you find the door to the basement you need to go straight towards the exit.

Once you are in the open on the left side you will find poles with large fans like platforms. Climb up the platform to the slanting roof and on the other side, you will find an opening to the window. There you will find the code to the song Aleksis likes to dance with a letter. Remember the code as it will different for all players.

Now go back to the room that has no door and opens the window in front of the bed. Then jump from the window to the platform on the ceiling, go right and you will find a window below you. Go through that window and on your right will be a big piano. Go near the piano and you will enter the music room where you need to change the code to Aleksis favorite tune. Look down the balcony and you will find Aleksis dancing and he will be marked for you.

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