Timberborn Water Dump Guide How To Landscape Using Dynamite


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. Water is one of the main resources that you need to keep on collecting in order to satisfy your beaver’s thirst. If the amount of water required by your population ain’t fulfilled they will die early.

You can make a water pump to collect water from the river that flows around the map. Now the problem is when you a make the new district a bit far away from the river you will need water in that district as well. There are two ways to deal with this situation the first one is by transport and distributing resources among the district. The other method is to make a canal from the main district to another district by destroying blocks using dynamite.

Timberborn Water Dump

There is also a machine called  Water Dump that will take your water resources and pour them into the canal or make a pool of water by destroying blocks using dynamite. You can fill up that pool using a water dump and then store it for drought or construct a new water pump for the pool. Make sure to turn off the water dump by pressing the pause button on the right side menu else you will waste a lot of water resources and your beavers might get thirsty.

Timberborn How To Destroy Block Or Terrain Using Dynamite

To create dynamite you need to construct an explosive factory. Dynamites are created using paper in this game so you also need a paper mill. The paper mill will be under the wood menu and the explosive factory under landscaping. Once you have constructed both the buildings power them up using a power generator.

Then select to construct explosives from the landscaping menu and place them on the block you need to destroy. Once the explosive is created select it and click on the detonate button from the right side menu and the block will be destroyed.

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