Timberborn How To Build Rooftop Terrace & Double Lodge On Top


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. In this game, you need to take control over a few beavers and help them survive through drought and floods. Beavers will normally work for 16 hours and sleep or relax for 8 hours a day. You can increase the speed of time that passes and how many hours the beavers should work at the top right side of the screen.

But increase their workload might affect their stats and decreased their comfort and social life. To increase the social life of beavers in this game you need to construct leisure buildings. Campfire might take too much space that’s why you can build a rooftop terrace on top of the lodge. You can also build a mini lodge, double lodge, and triple lodge on top of other houses. Below you will find how to place these buildings on top of one another, utilize space and connect them to pathways.

Timberborn Build Rooftop Terrace, Double Lodge & Connect Pathway

You can build a rooftop terrace, mini, double, and triple lodge on top of other lodges. But the important thing to note is how you place those buildings on top. You need to rotate these buildings to check which way to blue arrow mark is showing. That will be the entrance from where you beaver will enter and enjoy some leisure time.

You need to unlock the wooden stairs using science points from the path and structure menu. Then connect the wooden stairs to the entrance of the rooftop and the stairs to the pathway. Similarly, you need to check the markers of the lodge that is on top and connect them with wooden stairs and paths.

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