Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous- Nocticula Walking On Corpses

Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous

In Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous, after exploring mines around the Nexus and continuing the quest “Walking On Corpses”, you will be able to attend the audience in Nocticula’s palace and have an opportunity to meet her in flesh. After completing the quest “The Art Of Making Friends”, a huge revelation will happen that will make Hand of the Inheritor question his loyalty and faith. In this guide, we have explained all you need to learn before meeting Nocticula as there might be a quest that can be missed after a certain choice.

Nocticula Walking On Corpses In Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous

Move to the Terrace of Favored Mistresses to enter the House Of Silken Shadows. Advance all the way to the Throne Room where Areelu Vorlesh will interrupt you. Talk to her and eventually, Nocticula will appear after you accept the essence, and Hand of the Inheritor will reflect upon the current revelation. Spoiler Alert: She was testing you and your capabilities.

Furthermore, you can select the dialogues and she will reveal everything about the powers that have been bestowed upon you. During the middle of the conversation, the green-eyed familiar succubus enters and whispers into Nocticula’s ear. From then she will reveal that she has been monitoring you since the step has been taken in the Abyss.

She will offer you to become her sword and do all the deeds. Whether you accept her offer or not, she will heal your incurable wound effortlessly as sooner or later that wound might kill you rendering her plan as well. Ultimately, the offer has no other choice except to accept it and gaining aids from her to travel all the way from a part of the corner to another with the help of airships.

After having such a conversation the quest will be updated where you will be teleported to the ship after entering the portal. Select the Mythic Path which will affect the following events during the Hepzamirah slaying. Before entering the portal, make sure that you meet the Hand of the Inheritor to update the quest “Issues of Faith and Loyalty”. Later it cannot be accessed and the quest will be canceled.

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