Timberborn Power Up Buildings Using Water, Power Wheel, & Windmill


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. In Timberborn to get various kinds of resources like gears, planks, paper, and much more, you need to construct buildings. The buildings that you can construct require power or electricity to run and a beaver worker.

Note: Windmills are not available for Iron Teeth faction.

If you don’t have any free workers and construct such types of buildings it won’t run and you won’t be producing any resources. You can check out our previous guide on how to get more workers. Once you have constructed the building and have a beaver worker ready, you will need to power up the building using a water wheel, power wheel, or windmill. Below you will find a complete guide on how to build a power station and supply power to resource buildings.

Timberborn Building Lacks Power Guide

If you get an alert sign on the left bottom side of the screen that a building lacks power, you need to build a water wheel, power wheel, or windmill. If the building is the nearby a river you can construct a water wheel, else a power wheel will be best on land during the starting phase of the game.

Windmills need to be unlocked using science points, and they don’t require any beaver worker same as the water wheel to produce power. They generate variable power because the gust won’t be that strong throughout the day. Different power stations produce different power and you can check the amount of energy required for a resource building by hover over them.

Then you need to select the cog icon called power from the bottom construction menu and hover on the station to check the amount of energy they produce. You can connect multiple power stations to a single building using a power shaft.

While placing a building you need to make sure from which side the power shaft needs to be connected. The blue arrow marker indicates the fitting of the power shaft and the green marker is the front side where you need to place pathways. Then connect the power station using a power shaft on any side of the resource building.

Power stations and their energy outputs are:

  • Water Wheel – 180hp
  • Power Wheel – 50hp
  • Windmill – 120hp
  • Large Windmill – 300hp

Note: This is the guide for the Folktails faction, the Iron teeth faction guide will be updated soon.

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