Timberborn How To Get Unlimited Supply Of Log & Go High Terrain Uphill


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. The log is one of the main resources that is used at the starting of the game. You need a lot of logs for all types of buildings that need are available for construction.

You need to select the cut-down trees, the second icon at the bottom of the screen, and mark the trees for beavers to cut. You can either select one key or hold your mouse button and drag it to cut down multiple trees.

You need to employ beavers to cut down trees by constructing Lumberjack flags by going to the wood icon. To store logs you need to go to the storage option and construct the log pile. At one point in time, all the trees near you will be turned into logs and you will have a hard time collecting them. Below you will find a way to get a lot of logs for construction.

Timberborn How To Get A Lot Of Trees

The best way to get an unlimited supply of trees is by planting trees yourself. The maple tree lumber will be the best that will give you 8 logs when you cut it down. To plant maple trees you need to unlock the “Forester” building in the wood icon. You can unlock it using science. And once it unlocks you will be able to plant the maple trees nearby it.

You can plant at least 50-60 trees nearby the Forester and at first, there will be an abundance of logs but after 24 days when the trees have matured, you will get a lot of wood. By the time you find cutting down 20-30, your beavers will re-plant the maple trees. And by the time you finish cutting the rest of the tree, the replanted tree will be matured. With this method, you won’t ever run out of logs, and even if you do you could always construct some more Forester and plant more maple trees.

Timberborn How To Go Uphill

To travel high terrain in this game you need to unlock stairs and platform in the pathway icon. Once you have unlocked the stair and platform, place them near the cliff as shown in the above image. Place a pathway on top of the platform and your beaver will be able to travel uphill.

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