Timberborn How To Get More Beaver Increase Population & Workers


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. In this game, you have to build your own colony of beavers that will go through some harsh conditions and survive as long as you can. Can you thrive in the beaver community by using various resources and buildings?

At the beginning of the game, if you choose the Folktails faction, you will have around 11 beavers out of which 7 will be adults and 4 children. To increase workers in this game you need to wait for the child beaver to be an adult. Only adults will be able to work for the colony, gather resources, and works in various buildings like a water pump, shredder, gear workshop, and much more.

Timberborn How To Get More Beaver

Get More Workers

To get more beavers in this game you need to make a lodge. To make a lodge go to the housing menu and select the first building. To make lodge in this game you will need 12 logs. This method is only for the Folktails faction.

Once you make build a lodge, on the left side menu you will be able to check the number of beaver that are staying in it. You can also check the number of homeless beavers also there. Homeless beaver well-being stats won’t be good and they won’t be able to breed or give birth to new beavers.

The lodge will have the capacity of inhabiting 3 beavers and if there are two beavers in a lodge, a child will come soon. Your beaver die in this game due to old age and your population might fluctuate due to this, but don’t worry if you have enough lodge build around town, you won’t have a shortage of workers. On the bottom left corner of the screen, you can check the status of your population when a beaver is born, grown-up, or dies of old age.

Constructing leisure buildings increase your beavers social life that will keep them happier and increase their fertility rate. With a high fertility rate, the beavers will produce children faster.

Update – To increase the population of the Iron Teeth faction you need to build and use the breeding pods.

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