Timberborn How To Create New District, Distribute, & Transport Resources


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. You will need to create new districts in this game to get various kinds of resources. Then you can use those resources to transport back it to the main city to construct new buildings. Below you will find how to create a new district & distribute resources among them.

Timberborn How To Create New District

A new district will be required to salvage scrap metals from the ruins. You will also need to transport resources such as water to different districts because every district won’t be near a river. You can make a new district by creating a pathway from the main district and then place a “District Gate”. After that gate, you need to place a “District Center”.

All the buildings mentioned above can be found under the paths and structure icon. If you try to construct a building far from your district you will get a warning as “This construction site is too far from builders! Build more paths or a new district”.

Timberborn How To Transport Resources

To transport resources between two districts you need to construct “Distribution Post” and “Drop Off Point” in both of your districts. You need to unlock these buildings using science. To generate science you need to construct an Inventor.

Once you have constructed the distribution post and drop-off point in both the district, you need to select the distribution post of the district from where the resources will be loaded. Then under Routes, you need to click on add a new route and select the drop-off point of other districts. After that you need to select the resources that you need to send and the route will be created and resources will be transported.

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