Timberborn Collect Scrap Metals From Ruins & Make Metal Blocks


Timberborn is a building survival strategy game developed by Mechanistry. Scrap metals can only be obtained by salvaging from the ruins. You need to expand and look around the map for ruins (Broken construction buildings). Finding the ruins may not be that hard but reaching, salvaging, and taking it to your main district can be a bit confusing and difficult. Below you will find a walkthrough on how to easily extract scrap metals and make metal blocks.

Timberborn How To Make Metal Blocks

The first step to make metal blocks is by salvaging scrap metal from the ruins. To reach the ruins you need to make a new district and then distribute resources among them. Once you have formed a new district, you need to construct a scavenger flag near the ruins. Then employ your beavers to salvage scrap metals.

Then transport the scrap metal to your main district. You can make metals block on the new district that you have created but it will be a bit difficult if you are collecting scrap for the first time. In your main district, you need to have a shredder (Hammer & Anvil Icon (Metal)) that converts scrap metals to metal blocks that are used to build various buildings. To build a shredder the resources required are:

  • 50x Planks
  • 20x Gears
  • 30x Scrap Metals

The shredder building needs two workers to produce metal blocks. One for the main building and the other one for generating power to it. You can add multiple power generators or windmills to make metal blocks faster you need to make sure not to cross the HP threshold else you will waste extra energy.

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