Eastward- How To Solve Raft Door Puzzle At Strange Forest Cave


In Eastward, you learn new techniques and it is implemented in such a way that you will have to solve the puzzle using such technique. At Strange Forest, once you enter the cave of “Strange Forest”, via raft, you will come to a place where the door is locked and can be unlocked after pressing the platform. In this guide, we have explained and made a walkthrough that will help how to solve that puzzle and advance forward with Raft.

How To Solve Raft Door Puzzle At Strange Forest Cave In Eastward

After breaking all the pots and eliminating enemies, make Sam stand on the platform. It will unlock the door and open up the passage where you can access the raft as shown in the image below. Push it from Right and then bottom to make it go up. Once it stops at the top, control Sam and let her follow and regroup with John.


After pushing from the right at the top, control Sam to destroy the flower. Once you reach another end of the cave, instead of destroying the flower below, use that to push your raft to the top. This was new, as we didn’t know that you can push the raft with the support of flowers as shown in the image below.


This will make everything easy afterward because there is no technique left that will be unknown to progress ahead. Spoiler alert, later you will need to run towards Station while solving small raft puzzles at a limited time due to MIASMA.

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