Valheim How To Tame, Breed Boars & Get Leathers


Valheim is a survival sandbox game developed by Iron Gate AB. Boars are one of the creatures you will find in valheim. You can tame and pet these creatures and use them for breeding to leathers easily. Leather is one of the resources that are required to build cartography that came with the new update hearth and home. Below you will find how to tame these wild boars and use them for breeding.

Valheim How To Capture A Boar & Tame

Capturing a boar is not that difficult and you will need Roundpole fences. You need to connect these Roundpole fences to form a close space leaving only one side open. Then you need to go near a boar and lure him in inside the closed space from the one side that you left open. Quickly use your hammer to build a roundpole fence to close the opening and capture the boar.

Now you can need to feed him some food like Carrots, Mushrooms, berries and much more. But remember different types of food increase the tameness differently. The best food will be carrots and shrooms that will increase the tameness faster. You just need to drop the food inside the closed space and go afar as they won’t eat the food if they are in alert mode. Once the tameness reaches 100% you will be able to pet the boar.

Valheim How To Breed Boar

Using the above method you need to capture the boars. When you captured and tamed two boars, place them together in a closed space. Do not let the boars sleep hungry, keep feeding them and make sure they have enough space to breed and give birth. Once the boars are ready to breed you can see love hearts around them.

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