Valheim Get Crystal & How To Make Crystal Battleaxe & Crystal Walls


Valheim is a survival sandbox game developed by Iron Gate AB. If you have played the game before you already know where to find crystals, and if you are a new player who has been into the game after the new update, below you will find where to find crystals, resources required to craft crystal walls, and battleaxe.

Valheim How To Get Crystal

The crystal can be found in the mountain biome in the snow region by defeating the stone golem. If you are traveling to this biome you will get a freezing effect and to remove the effect you need to drink Frost resistance mead. You can also wear wolf armor, cape, and legs to prevent yourself from freezing.

Once you reach the biome, look out for rocks that will move and might shake your screen. Defeating these stone golem is not an easy task you need to dodge its attack or parry using a shield. Another trick is to dig a hole in that area and lure them in. Then they won’t be able to move and you can defeat them easily.

Valheim Resources Required To Craft Crystal Battleaxe & Walls

Before the hearth and home update, the crystal didn’t have any use. But now you can use it to make craft various items. Below you will find how to craft crystal walls & battleaxe and the resources required to craft them.

Crystal Walls

To craft crystal walls all you need is 2x crystal and you can craft them using the workbench. Unfortunately, you cant stack them on top of one another, but you can use them as windows of your house.

Crystal Battleaxe

To craft the battleaxe the resources required are:

  • 10x Crystal
  • 40x Ancient Bark ( Can be found by chopping Ancient Tree in the swamp biome)
  • 30x Silver ( Can be obtained by smelting silver ore in the smelter)

Note: You need to have forge level 3 to be able to craft this weapon.

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