Eastward- Eastborn How To Defeat Demon King Quick Guide


In Eastward, the mini-game which you can play on Arcade is Earthborn. It is a classic RPG game where you have to defeat the Demon King who seems pretty much overpowered at the beginning. The main boss is made such in the order you to complete the game 100% in order to defeat the boss. Though it is troubling that you cannot save the progress in-between your exploration, however, the save system of the arcade works differently which you can learn about it here. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat the Demon King and expect what you need to do to end the game.

Eastborn How To Defeat Demon King Quick Guide In Eastward Arcade

In the beginning, the MC is a knight who has been destined to defeat the Demon Knight before he completes the ritual. The game might seem easy at the beginning as we are too proud of our skills but there is a time limit which is 7 Days. At night, you will be automatically teleported back to the Town in order to revive your allies or purchase the item available in the shop before entering the Castle.

The first thing you need to do is explore all the land and unlock all the waypoints where you can teleport back and forth. On the first playthrough, you cannot unlock all the maps but according to the save feature of the mini-game, you can explore everything at a given time.

After watching Merchant’s Skill it seems pretty daunting as it can deal damage to all enemies depending on how much gold he has and he can increase the gold with the help of his first skill “Loan Shark”. The first thing which might come to your mind is that you can save the Gold and dish out everything on Demon King. It is pretty good thinking but still, it will become short as purchasing and equipping items for your character might prove useful unless you are super-rich.

There are a total of 6 characters including Monkey which you can recruit who will aid you against the boss. Unlock all characters by multiple playthroughs which will be waiting for you at Tavern, next time you play. At the final run, make sure to deal heavy damage after using all the AP because the boss can deplete it to 1 after using his skill. Make sure that after unlocking them, level up your character fast by entering the dungeons or cave. Though it is dangerous, after clearing one dungeon, you will go back to Town to revive and heal yourself.

Repeat it back to back using Merchant to accumulate Gold and purchasing equipment every passing day. The game is tough though and we still have not completed and defeated the boss because we were focusing on the main storyline. Once we defeat the boss, we will update the reward or achievement which will be acquired. For more guide on Eastward, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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