Valheim Obliterator, Tar, And Thunder Stone Guide Walkthrough


Valheim is a survival sandbox game developed by Iron Gate AB. The game got its latest update called Hearth and Home and with this new update came new resources and a crafting machine. The new item that you can find with this update is the tar that will be used in crafting items.

Valheim Obliterator & How To Use It

The Obliterator is the new machine that will remove the pain of disposing of items that you won’t need. Now you don’t have to run towards the sea to dispose of your items. You can just craft an Obliterator using the forge. The resources required to craft an Obliterator are:

  • 8x Iron
  • 4x Copper
  • 1x Thunder Stone

The thunderstone can be obtained by trading 50 coins with the trader. The trader doesn’t stick to a single location and you need to find him the Black Forest Biome. Once you have all the resources you need craft the Obliterator using the forge

To use the obliterator you need to place your item inside it and pull the lever. Move away from the obliterator and a lightning strike will hit it disposing of all the items inside.

Valheim How To Find Tar

After the new update when you explore the plains biome you will come across black tar pits. In the tar pits, you will come across new monsters called growth. They can be hard to deal with because they can inflict negative buffs. Once you have slain the monster, go near it to collect tar.

These growth monsters will spawn near the black pits of tar. They will attack you on sight by spitting tar that will slow you down and poison you. You need to dodge their attack and defeat them and once they are slained you can collect tar from their bodies.

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