I Am Fish Level 1 All Bread Location Walkthrough Different Route To Sea

I Am Fish

I Am Fish is a physics-based game featuring four different types of fish friends developed by Bossa Studios. The story narrates the beautiful relation of four fish friends who are separated from the pet store and trying to reunite with each other.

The first level starts with going out of the pet store in search of your friends by leaving from the door. At this level, you need to find five crumbs of one slice of bread and the hints are:

  • Playing Hide and Seek
  • Hung Out To Dry
  • Wire Not?
  • Why Did The Goldfish Cross The Road?
  • A Fish Telegram

Below you will find the location of all the bread crumbs and how to reach them.

I Am Fish Level 1 Bread Location

Playing Hide and Seek

The first bread will be in the pet store room where you start the game. Once you reach the floor, in your front will a desk and behind the desk, you will find the bread.

Hung Out To Dry

After crossing the 2nd wire you will reach the rooftop where in the front will be a slope and a mattress after that. You need to go through the slope and drop in on the mattress then go through the third wire till you reach the water pipe. Go through the pipe then drop on the flower bed where you will reach the checkpoint. In your front will be the fourth wire where you will find the bread hung out to dry.

Wire Not?

After crossing the 2nd wire when you reach the rooftop with slope and mattress do not go down the slope. Go right side towards another rooftop and you will find a different route. In that building on the right side, you will another slope with a long wire crossing the street. There will be two paths for you either take wire passing from the slope or drop down from there. To get this bread you need to take the long wire route and you will get the bread.

A Fish Telegram

Instead of taking the long wire now, you have to drop down and pass through the wooden planks. Keep going forward and you will get the bread piece.

Why did the goldfish cross the road?

Before dropping down the sea you have to cross the road. On your left side in the middle of the road you will find bread.

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