Eastward- How To Open The Door After Reaching Forbidden Land


In Eastward, the Principal and the 3 bullies anger Sam and to prove them that she is right after being influenced by a familiar evil-looking spirit. She barges out from the school and runs straight to the Digging site where the lift is connected. Once you enter the cave, Sam has breached the Forbidden Land that made Mayor announce it throughout the Potrock Isle’s. After Boarding on to the Lift, you will be stuck at a door that seems impossible to breach or unlock. This guide is made especially who are stuck and forgot about the possibility of using this trick.

How To Open The Door After Reaching Forbidden Land In Eastward


As shown in the image above, once you reach the Forbidden Land, you will defeat slimes and collect Bombs after breaking the barrels. The Bomb has been replenished in order to use it again to unlock the door. Though the method we were used to like placing down the bomb will not work. Instead, break the barrels and stand on the edge as shown in the image. Place the bomb and hit it with your pan as you have practiced with the vegetables.

The bomb will explode triggering the door which will open up a path for you. Ahead you will have to use this technique to overcome many obstacles such as pipe gushing and pulling air. Make sure you have already purchased the Treasure Radar before venturing out in adventure. For more guides on Eastward, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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