Eastward- How To Increase The Life/Health And Find The Heart Orbs


In Eastward, there are various recipes that can heal your Health and buff your character. Even a few recipes can temporarily increase your health but it doesn’t solve the situation permanently. In order to increase your life, there is a specific item that can be found in the special yellow colored glowing box. These containers are missable as they are hidden strategically. Unless you have specific equipment purchased from Johnny’s Emporium. In this guide, we have explained how you can find the Heart Orb and other loots from the Chest and Yellow-colored statue.

How To Increase The Life/Health And Find The Heart Orbs In Eastward

To find the chest that is placed in a hidden location you will need a “Treasure Radar”. It notifies you whenever there is a hidden treasure chest or a yellow-colored statue nearby. Treasure Radar can be bought early from Johnny’s Emporium for 50 Salt. The so-called Treasure Hunter’s Nose works magnificently. As shown in the image below you can notice a wifi signal, the strength indicates how far and close treasures are.

Similarly ahead there are multiple treasure chests and yellow-colored statues that can be collected with the help of this item. Hidden behind the desk or in plain sight, the Treasure Radar will not disappoint you. If you want to learn all 35 recipes, then we have posted a guide listing all the required ingredients to cook. Though there are ingredients that will be found at a later stage but there’s no harm knowing all the recipes.

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