Deathloop Radio Silence How To Power On Generator & Open HZN Doors


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. There is something in the old power station that Juliana doesn’t want to see you. Once you reach the old power station and pick up the note of Wenji on how to turn on the generator you will get a quest called “Radio Silence”.

The starting part of the quest can seem a bit confusing but once you figure out how to turn on the generators, direct power to the stations, you can easily complete this quest. At the end of the quest, you will get to know a big deal about Juliana and how to exit the loop.

Deathloop Secret Of Old Power Station?

In brief, you need to visit the old power station in the morning, turn on 2 generators by using a battery and pushing the button. Come up the ladders, then on the control panel pull the 1st lever. Outside the control loop station in a complex area, the HZN power station door will be powered up and there you will get a strictly confidential file that will lead you to UPDAAM in the “afternoon” where an Eternalist might have left the garage door open. There you will find a code to visit the RAK room.

Come outside the garage door and on the left, you will find stairs that lead you to the RAK room. There to open the RAK room you need to divert power to different stations every morning and visit those stations in the afternoon to find the passcode for the RAK room. It will take you 3 loops to complete this quest. Below you will find the important key points you need to do to complete the quest.

Deathloop Radio Silence Walkthrough

First, you need to power at least two generators using a battery. You can find the battery in one of the rooms below or you can use a battery from the turrets of nullifies.

After that divert the power to the Tidevarv station by pulling the first lever where you will get a confidential file.

Then head over to UPDAAM in the “Afternoon” and sneak under the garage door where you will get a confidential file that will lead you to the RAK room, you need to follow the marker hud to reach there.

In the Rak room, you will find a passcode that you could enter to open up other levers and direct power to other stations. Just follow the hud markers and you can easily find all the powers stations. The locations of the power stations will also be shown in the pictures where you pull the lever to direct the power.

Then next day again power up the generator and this time use the passcode and pull the second lever that will divert power to UPDAAM Yasen station. Visit Yasen station in the afternoon and you will find the first code to open the RAK room.

Again next day morning power up the generator in the complex old power station and this time pull the third level that will divert power to the FRISTAD ROCK sova station. Visit the station in the afternoon time and follow the hud marker to reach there. Inside the station, you will find the second passcode.

Now you just need to divert power to Akkar station of KARL’s Bay where you will get the final passcode, then you need to visit the RAK room and use the passcode to complete the quest and learn how to exit the loop. You will also unlock an achievement called “Beyond The Horizon”.

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