Deathloop Explained How To Play, Game Objective, Tips & Much More


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. This is not just your average shooting FPS game, the game is mixed with action, FPS, and strategy. There are only four areas available to you in BlackReef that you can access and the game has four time zones (Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Evening).

The four areas available in this game are The Complex, Updaam, Karl’s Bay, and Fristad Rock. You can visit any one of the areas after completing the intro. Each area you visit will take one timezone such as if you visit The complex area in the morning, once you exit the area it will be noon.

You can visit up to four areas in a day and the day will end (This is what we call a Loop) and a new day starts. Once a new loop starts you won’t be able to keep any of your guns, slabs, or trinkets if you haven’t infused them with residuum. Below you will learn about infusion, how to keep guns, slabs, and trinkets, the objective of the game, how to complete the game, and much more.

Deathloop Residuum & How To Keep Weapons For Next Day

Once you complete the intro of the game you will be acquainted with the residuum. These are the resources used to infuse them with weapons, slabs, and trinkets to keep them forever with you even if the loop ends. To collect residuum you need to absorb it from the shiny objects you find in all the areas.

Killing visionaries will also grant you a lot of residuum. Residuum also won’t get carried over to the next loop so you need to spend as much as you can when the day ends. Before the day ends you will get a notification that how much residuum you have left and items that have not been infused.

Deathloop Visionaries

Visionaries are like bosses of the game that you need to kill and collect their slabs. You need to find clues by visiting all the areas of BlackReef in different time zones multiple times. Once you find the location of visionaries, they will be marked for you in the journal. So that when you visit the area in the next loop you will be able to kill them and upgrade your slab.

Deathloop How To Play/ Game Objective

Once the intro ends no more handholding will be there by the AI and you need to explore areas finding clues, codes, and solving puzzles. In your journal, the quest marked with yellow transmission signs is the main quest that you need to complete in order to complete the game.

The game objective for you is to break the loop. The only way to break the loop is by killing all the visionaries in a single day. For that to happen you need to find clues about all the visionaries and strategize which area to visit first.

Deathloop Trinkets

Trinkets are like buffs for your character that you equip during the planning phase in your loadout. You need to find various trinkets by exploring BlackReef and then infusing them with residuum. You can only equip four trinkets at a time. You can also equip trinkets on your guns to improve their stats.

Deathloop Tips

Below are a few tips that might help during your playthrough.

  • If you are short of residuum to keep slabs or slabs upgrade you could sacrifice some weapons or trinkets to make up for it.
  • Always try to hack the radio of Golden Eternal else they will immediately call for backup.
  • If you are trying to look for a battery in any area of the map and unable to find one, look out for turrets or nullifiers. They use a battery to run and you can remove the battery from their back.
  • Egor will get alert if you get caught in any of his laser traps or mines.
  • Try to get a better gun once you get familiar with Residuum such as FOURPOUNDER and infuse it with it. This gun can pop off enemies heads and scare nearby enemies.
  • You can hack cameras without even looking at them while on the cover. You just need to start the hacking and take cover within its range, while keep holding the hacking button.
  • Remember the areas and enemies locations in each timezone to ease your playthrough in multiple loops.

Note: Below you will find few more guides that will help you during your gameplay. If you have any more questions or doubts about the game before purchasing do let us know in the commets.

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