Gas Station Simulator Review: Is Not A Game But A Whole New Experience

Gas Station SimulatorGas Station Simulator is a classic Simulator game developed by Drago Entertainment inspired by the real-time location in the USA where you own a Gas Station at a deserted place. The popular Dust Bowl occurred in the ’90s where the dust storm simply engulfed and destroyed the agriculture of American and Canadian prairies. Taking that reference the wonderful graphics and environment shift gives a feeling of familiarity to the players. The gushing of wind and the hissing of the snake gives a perfect desert vibe.

About The Gas Station Simulator Game

The cutscene will show you driving endlessly on the road until something caught your eye. It was none other than For Sale sign of the Dust Bowl where you purchase the land and become an owner of the Gas Station. In the beginning, the work involves tidying up the space, finding the electrical sources, and painting the walls to give off a distinct persona instead of jumping straight to managing customers.

From the scratch, you will build your reputation and start earning money to install and increase the shop facilities. The game provides a great insight into crowd control and management. Your performance is judged by your Popularity Level through NPC’s. From working to monitoring tasks at multiple shops and from cleaning to repairing as well as stealing extra bucks through lockpicking cars, everything is included.

The kid named “Dennis”, vandalizing the property and shark loan kicking the rep out of us when the money is not returned. Hiring to firing employees, the game has it all. The game UI is simple and there are no complicated commands. There are hints provided as well as tutorials whenever new features are introduced. The game is friendly towards any new players who want to introduce themselves at the house of simulation.

The notification features whenever a customer pulls up that makes the game easy. Even if there are few minor bugs, you can reset your small world via UFO to function normally again. The Small Gas Station can become the busiest station as long as its popularity is maintained. The sound clarity and the settings create a perfect ambiance. For a better experience, it is recommended to turn On all the settings in the Gameplay.

The area consists of a Parking Spot, Petrol Pump, Shop, Workshop, and Warehouse currently but the devs have reported that they are working on adding Carwash. Even a whole new Road Diner Simulator has been announced which will provide us a diner experience and nonetheless it will be linked to your Gas Station Simulator GSS save file. If you own this game then the current progress of your Gas Station can be viewed from the Road Diner Simulator. Instead of having one, there are two reasons to purchase and play the game at such a low cost. All the new players must play this simulator game to have a better experience that would linger throughout their life.

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