Wacky Wizards- How To Complete Alien Quest To Unlock Alien Parasite

Wacky Wizards

At Wacky Wizards new Aliens Update, the new Ingredient is introduced that can be viewed from the Spell Book or Potion Book. The new Alien Parasite can be obtained after completing the new Alien Quest. To activate the quest you will need to collect a special ingredient from a specific NPC. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do in order to obtain and complete the Alien Quest.

How To Complete Alien Quest To Unlock Alien Parasite In Wacky Wizards

First, there is a new NPC introduced i.e. Dumpster Diver Dan who can be found near the Waterfall. You will need to talk to him and he will give you an ingredient “Cow Hat”, after believing and accepting his word. Teleport back to the Cauldron in order to brew a potion. Make sure that there is no Event active as it sometimes bugs the UFO.

After using the Cow Disguise Potion, run where UFO is placed. He will be randomly found in the middle of the map. Once you have turned into the Cow, run to the Tractor Beam which will teleport you inside the UFO. After scanning your character, make sure you dodge all the lasers to complete 1st Phase. The next phase requires your Parkour skills to jump over the platforms to land on the land. Now, you will have to dodge the vision cone of the 2 security guards.

Once you have completed all the challenges, the final control room has a Self Destruct Button. Press/Interact with it to complete the quest that will give you the new ingredient “Alien Parasite”. Brew the potion to get a new cool yellow jersey.

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