Gas Station Simulator- How To Use And Purchase Lockpick

Gas Station Simulator

At the beginning of your career in Gas Station Simulator, you will be taught that there is a lockpick that can be used to open the trunk of the cars to obtain loots or money. Lockpick needs to be practiced and normalize at your run if you need to farm money and interior decoration fast. In this guide, we have explained how and when to pick the lock and how much can be possessed or purchased.

How To Use And Purchase Lockpick To Steal Like A Pro In Gas Station Simulator

There are three stages of difficulty i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, and Master. These difficulties are based on the precision required to pick the lock. To pick a lock successfully in any difficulties, you will need to set an angle and check whether it is turning or stopping at a certain spot. Never commit completely during the pick locking phase.

Tap the button to move the lockpick and find the angle where it can freely turn at 90 degrees. Remember that the higher is the difficulty, the better is the reward earned from them. You can picklock in front of their owners or policeman. It is recommended to picklock at the Parking Spot or at the Fuel Pump. Extra cash is what we need to earn which is far better than loaning from The Uncle and get beaten up if the deadline passes.

The amount of Lockpick is unlimited but the chance of picking a lock at a particular car is limited to 2. For more guides on Gas Station Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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