Gas Station Simulator- How To Reset Or Fix Cars And Customers

Gas Station Simulator

In Gas Station Simulator, there are multiple cars stopping for Fuel, or at your Parking Spot to purchase items from your Gas Station or refill their tank. Even Deliveries are made through the vehicles which we had to manually look after. The customers swarm the places and once you upgrade your Gas Station Level, the area increases slightly where the NPC’s get stuck and keep on littering. Even the cars might be Stuck at your Garage or at your Warehouse.

We tried to drop the shutter of the Warehouse on top of the delivery truck when it was moving out after delivering the products. It got stuck and after few backflips, it somehow landed on the ground with its tires pointing at the sky. To fix these minor glitches, you can use this in-game feature to reset the car or the customers that have been explained in this post.

How To Reset Or Fix Cars And Customers In Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator

Near the road, there is your Gas Station sign from where you can operate to let customers know whether the Gas Station is open or closed. Beside the lever, there is a red button as shown in the image above which resets the cars and customers that are glitched. The addition of a feature to fix the glitch by summoning the UFO shows the great humor of the devs which is quite epic.

When the Gas Station is Open, and you abruptly change the Gas Station to Closed, the customers try to run from your station as quickly as they can which also causes the glitches. Clean the area by calling the UFO and enjoy the next run. For more guides on Gas Station Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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