Gas Station Simulator- How To Increase The Fuel Tank Capacity

Gas Station Simulator

In Gas Station Simulator, the business will start blooming after satisfying customer needs by refilling the gas and using the cash register to scan products successfully. However, the number of customers visiting your Gas Station is low as per the popularity. Once the popularity of the Gas Station will increases, the customer will start flowing and thus the products need to be stocked on your shelves and tanks. At first, the primary source of income is refilling Gas and thus this post is compiled to let us all fellow Gas Station Manager know how to increase the Fuel Tank Capacity.

How To Increase The Fuel Tank Capacity At Gas Station Simulator

While purchasing the Delivery at first from your computer, there are options where you can stock up to 100L, 200L, and 500L. The limit of your Fuel Tank is 200L initially and its capacity can be increased. To increase the Capacity, you will need to increase the Level of your Warehouse.

Warehouse Level 2 can be obtained after increasing the Gas Station to Level 3 which in turn will increase the Fuel Tank Capacity to 350L. To increase Gas Station Level, you will need to follow the Story and complete the objectives which will be presented to you.

For more guides on Gas Station Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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