Gas Station Simulator- How To Hire Employee

Gas Station Simulator

As your popularity increases in Gas Station Simulator, the frequency of customers coming to the Gas Station will increase considerably. Even at an early stage, the rush is still tolerable but once the expansion of your Gas Station is in process, the need for hiring employees seems plausible. In this post, we will explain how you can hire the employees and distribute the work.

How To Hire Employee In Gas Station Simulator

To hire the Employee, you will need to use your computer and buy a Trailer in the Employee section. Once there is a space for the Employees to rest, you can start hiring them. Select the Hire option in the Employee menu and compare their strengths to focus them on that particular field. Remember the higher proficiency they have at a particular skill, the salaries demanded will be high as expected.

After hiring them, they will be waiting at their Trailer which will be near the Warehouse. Talk to them and send them to the respective job which you don’t want to focus such as refilling “Fuel Cars” or “Clean the Station” depending on the rush. The more customers are piled up, the more they throw litter and leave dust marks.

They get tired and take a break at their Trailer but if you want them to work day and night tirelessly, throw extra Premium Bucks. For more guides on Gas Station Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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