Gas Station Simulator- How To Get More Tips From Customers

Gas Station Simulator

In Gas Station Simulator, you will need money to either pay loan, expand your territory and profession. Even products need to be supplied and stored before the shelves end up empty. If you are focusing on earning money honestly and getting placed at the cash register to monitor the products and cleanliness of your shop. This guide is provided that will help you to scale or understand how many tips you can earn behind the cash register.

How To Get More Tips In Gas Station Simulator

It is recommended to start purchasing shelves for the current level of items that can be placed in your shop or station. The higher-level products are purchased at normal prices but the Tips earned from them are greater. For example, Customers purchasing cigarettes, Ice Cream, and Alcohol give tips much more than the customers purchasing chips and drinks.

The Tips also depends on the products purchased by the customer. It doesn’t depend on the Scan Combo as we tried breaking the combo streak and the 12 product scans of Alcohol, Cig, Ice Cream, Chips, and Drinks almost let me have a 6$ tip. The highest source of income is obviously from the Garage, but their extra tips are not rewarded.

Make sure that you have versatile items and products which will encourage the customers to buy items in bulk. For more guides on Gas Station Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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