Deathloop Slabs List, Upgrades,& Obtain Slabs From The Visionaries


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. In this game, you will be able to use some supernatural ability using the power of slabs. After playing through 1 loop you will be familiar with the slabs and how to use them. Now the default slab power you get is called “Reprise” which lets you respawn twice before dying and ending the loop.

The main bosses of the game are called visionaries whom you need to kill in a single loop to complete the game. Now each of these visionaries has its own superpower slab that you can steal after killing them. Below you will find the name of the visionaries where to find them, their slab power, and how to upgrade slabs.

Deathloop How To Upgrade Slabs

The only way to keep slabs in the loop is by infusing them with residuum. If you won’t infuse them with residuum they will be removed from your loadout once the day ends and a new loop starts. So once you infuse residuum with a slab it will remain with you for every loop.

Now you need to again kill the visionary in a different loop and pick up their slab to upgrade it. For example, if you already have a Havoc slab of Fia infused with residuum, then in the next loop you kill Fia and get her Havoc slab, your slab will be upgraded as you now have 2 Havoc slabs. Similarly, each slab has four upgrades with them and you can only equip two upgrades at a time. To fully upgrade a slab you need a lot of residuum and kill the visionary four times.

Deathloop Slabs & Visionary List

Karnesis Slab – Aleksis Dorsey

This is the visionary with the wolf mask that you can find in a large gathering at Dorsey Manor in UPDAAM. The karnesis slab has four upgrades which are:

  • Slam – Slams enemies down.
  • Zone – Pushes enemies away in a certain area.
  • Suspension – Makes enemies hover in the mid-air.
  • Flesh Bomb – Enemies explode when thrown using this ability.
Havoc Slab – Fia Zborowska

You can find her in her apartment in Fristad Rock. Killing her will grant you the havoc slabs that give you damage reduction and you can deal more damage. The upgrades of havoc slabs are:

  • Backlash – Unleash a blast dealing damage to nearby enemies when havoc power runs out.
  • Bulwark – Hitting enemies won’t drain your power anymore but the rate of power depletion will be faster and you will move slower.
  • Euphoria – Increases the damage you deal enemies while taking damage from them.
  • Withdrawl – Get some power back after damaging enemies.
Shift Slab – Charlie Montague

You can find charlie overseeing his live-action game at UPDAAM. Killing him will grant you the shift slab that allows you to teleport a short distance. The upgrades of shift slabs are:

  • Airborne: Using this ability mid-air gives you hover ability.
  • Dropkick: Kicking enemies during this ability will cause a sonic boom.
  • Reach: Increase the distance of teleport.
  • Swapper: You can swap your position with enemies.
Nexus Slab – Harriet Morse

Nexus slab can be found by killing Harriet whom you can find only during the morning time in Hangar 2 of Karl’s Bay. The nexus slab can link the minds of multiple enemies so that when you kill one other die too. The upgrade of Nexus slabs are:

  • Attraction: Makes enemies unstable.
  • Influence: New links are formed between enemies.
  • Parasite: Your health increases while damaging enemies
  • Protraction: Reduce the power depletion rate when links are formed between enemies.
Aether Slab – Egor Sterling

Aether slab can be found by killing Egor sterling whom you can find in Serling labs during evening time at The Complex area. Aether slab allows you to become invisible to the enemies as well as mines and lasers. The upgrades of Aether slabs are:

  • Erase: No trace of enemies can be found by other enemies when you kill them using this ability.
  • Flicker: Attacking enemies won’t deactivate Aether’s ability but enemies can see you while attacking.
  • Ghost: Power won’t be depleted while standing still.
  • Phase: If you take damage by chance while this ability is activated your ability won’t get deactivate.

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