Deathloop Delivery Code & Delivery Booth Location Of All Areas


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. At the beginning of the game during your first or second loop, you will come across a phone booth where you need to enter the code to access it. There are four areas currently available in BlackReef and all four areas have one booth each.

Using the booth will provide you items like battery, crank wheel, nullifier, and turrets. If you use the booth to deliver items at a specific time of time such as morning, it will be available at noon. Now without the code, you won’t be able to use the booth or deliver items.

Fortunately, you don’t have to find 4 different codes for each of the booths in this game. You just need to find one code that will be available in Fristad Rock written on a whiteboard. Below you will find where to find the code for the booth and all the booth locations available in each area.

Deathloop Delivery Code

When you reach the Fristad rock, look for the entrance of the bunker with a booth outside and the river on the right side. Enter the bunker and on the right side, you will find a room with a broken delivery booth and whiteboard inside. Break the glass to enter the room and on the whiteboard will be a 4 digit code. That code can be used on all the delivery booths to deliver items to the next area that you want to visit. Check out the above image for the location of the entrance of the bunker. The code mentioned below for the delivery booth will only work for use, you need to visit the room shown below and find out your own code.

Deathloop Delivery Booth Location

BlackReef has four areas and each area has a delivery booth. All the booths are near the tunnel. Below are the locations of the delivery booth.


You can find the delivery booth in the middle part of the area in front of the library.


You can find this booth in the parking lot before entering the big bunker look behind and you will find the booth. You might miss the booth as it faces towards the bunker side while you going from the tunnel, once you reach the parking lot area with a lot of vehicles, kill the enemies and look behind.

Karl’s Bay

Once you get out of the tunnel, look straight ahead to find the “Garden Of Perception”. Just in front of that, you will find the delivery booth.

Fristad Rock

It is just outside of the tunnel when you reach the area that is quite hard to miss.

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