Deathloop All Pictogram Location In Fristad Rock Afternoon Delight Guide


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. In this game to break the loop, you need to kill all the visionaries in a single loop. To make that happen you need to play multiple loops to find the clues on how to make the visionaries gather in the same area.

One such occasion will be the hint to visionary Charlie and Fia called Afternoon Delight. Colt got the hint that Charlie and Fia are planning to meet somewhere secretly. For that to happen you just need to find the clues in Pictogram. There are four pictograms that you need to find in Fristad Rock. You will find all four pictograms inside the bunker. Below you will find the location of the pictograms and how to reach them

Deathloop Pictogram Locations

First Pictogram

The hint to the first pictogram will be “It’s overshadowed by Fia’s shimmering masterpiece” Guess it’s behind something big and shiny”. In the hint, it’s talking about the Fia reactor. When you reach the reactor, you can see a text written, “Her great work” behind the reactor on the wall you will find the first pictogram.

Second Pictogram

The hint to the second pictogram is that “It’s beneath the wheeled behemoth. Maybe some kind of vehicle” After entering the bunker. go towards the right side. And then on your left, you will find a big truck with tank track wheels. Beside the truck will be a small staircase to go below and look beneath the truck to find the location of the second pictogram.

Third Pictogram

As soon as you enter the door where you could see the reactor and the first pictogram straight. Turn 180 degrees back and you will find the third pictogram just on the left side of the door entrance.

Fourth Pictogram

After finding the third pictogram keep going straight through the main hall and you will find some cargo and a broken blue forklift. On the left side of the forklift in the wall will be the fourth pictogram.

Note: There is a total of 13 pictograms available in the bunker and the quest hints won’t be the same for all. The above four pictograms are hints to my quest that might differ from yours. Below you will find the image of the rest of the pictogram and where to find them.

All Pictograms Location

There are two exits of the bunker on the opposite side. On the first entry bunker on the floor, you will find the pictogram.

On the other side of the bunker door just beside the button, you will find a pictogram.

Once you go through the main hall and enter through the door you could directly see the reactor. Go towards the left side and you will find the pictogram on the floor.

It is in the reactor room where you will find the correct order of wire to cut to properly shut down the reactor.

Once you jump down the lift room, look above the wall to find another pictogram.

At one of the bunker exits, you will find the pictogram sprayed on the floor. On this exit of your right side, you will find a lot of enemies with broken vehicles scattered around.

On the same place where you found the above pictogram that has been sprayed on the floor at the bunker exit, on the left side top side of the wall you will find this pictogram.

It is in one of the rooms on the first floor on the left side of the middle room where the reactor is.

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