Life Is Strange True Colors All Memories Location Of Chapter 1

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. Memories are embedded in some of the items scattered throughout the town of Haven that Alex needs to explore and find out. Tapping into the emotions of these items by using your ability will reveal more about the characters of Haven. Below you will find the location of all the item memory of chapter 1.

Life Is Strange True Colors Memories Locations Of Chapter 1

There is a total of 5 memories available for you to locate and their location is:

The crack in the wall of Alex’s apartment beside the handpump. You can unlock this memory once Gabe shows you the room and after the fight with Mac while you are unpacking. Once you unlock this memory, you will get an achievement called “Crack“.

Riley’s letter is on the desk in Alex’s apartment. The desk will be on the opposite side of the bed and once you unlock the memory you will get unlock an achievement called “A Letter To Riley“.

The third memory is a business card on which you have to use your ability. You can find the business card beside the computer in the Black Lantern Bar. Beside the jukebox, you will find the computer and beside the computer will be the business card. Unlocking the memory of the business card will also unlock the “Officer Fish” achievement.

In the mining area where Gabe and Ryan are standing near a gate looking for a way into the mine, on their left side you will find a helmet laying on the ground. Use your ability on the helmet to unlock the memory and achievement called “Head Count“.

Once you enter the mining area by pushing the plank, turn to your right side and you will find the phone. Use your ability on the phone and unlock the achievement “Phone

Note: Once you find all the memories of chapter 1 you will unlock the achievement called “Emotional Enthusiast

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