Deathloop Where To Find Battery & Old Power Station In Complex Area


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. In this game, you play Colt whose wants to go against Juliana and wants to break the loop. But for that to happen you need to find clues about the loop and how to break it.

At the starting of the game, you need to reach your safe house or flat in UPDAAM. After reaching your flat and reading your email on the computer, you need to visit the complex area to find out about the “Loop Control Center”. Once you reach the complex area, go inside the bunker where you need to defeat a bunch of enemies

Deathloop Where To Find & Recharge Battery

In the control room, you need to play the projector which will shut down after few seconds because the battery ran out of power. Just beside the projector, you will find the empty battery that you need to pick up and put in the charging station. You can find the charging station towards the left side of the projector. Once the battery is charged put it back in the projector and get the clues.

Deathloop How To Go To Old Power Station

To go inside the old power station you will need one more battery. In the middle area where you have to fight a lot of enemies, there you will find a big door with “X” marked in red. You need to go inside that door and keep going forward to find a lift that needs a battery.

Just beside the lift, you will find the Ordnance Depot. Jump down and on the right side, you will another room. Go inside the room and you will find a text with “No power no party” and you will find a locked door. The locked door is the armory room that will be powered up using four batteries. Out of which 3 will be missing and only one will be there. Take that one battery and place it on the lift to power it up and go to the old power station.

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