Deathloop How To Get Rare Gun “FourPounder” & Find The Crank Wheel


Deathloop is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. The first objective of the game is to break the loop by investigating who is behind it running the whole show. As you keep finding clues and exploring different areas of the map. You will come across various enemies, puzzles, and locked doors

You need to explore the area and find clues to various kinds of puzzles and about the loop. The best way to kill enemies at the starting of the game is with your melee weapons. But you can get a rare weapon at the second area of the game called “FOURPOUNDER”. This gun can be found in the complex area in a safe.

The handle of the safe called “Crank Wheel” is missing which you need to find and put in on the safe handle. Then open the safe to get the rare weapon and some health. Hitting headshots in this gun will cause a cranial explosion, hurting and staggering anyone nearby. Below you will find the location of this safe and how to get the crank wheel to open the safe.

Deathloop How To Find Crank Wheel

The location of the safe will be just before reaching the control room. On the left side wall of the control room, you will find a door. Open the door and then go down the stairs where you will find another door that leads you outside. Just outside the door, there will be a security camera that you need to hack.

Once you have hacked the camera, go outside and on the front, you will find a room with green painted walls. Go inside that room and you will find the crank wheel. Make sure you have killed all the enemies that come between the safe and the green painted room. Because you won’t be able to use weapons while holding the crank wheel.

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